Handling terminology in memoQ

For beginners

Part one

Introduction to terminology management

  • Meta and system data associated with your termbases

Preparing and converting an Excel glossary

  • Creating a termbase in memoQ
    • Adding languages
    • Selecting default matching and case sensitivity options for new terms

Importing converted glossary into your new termbase

  • Mapping glossary fields with available fields in memoQ
  • Checking the preview to ensure accented characters are displayed correctly

Selecting your termbase in your memoQ project

  • Adding terms to your termbase from memoQ’s translation editor
  • Dealing with multiple termbases attached to a project

Maintaining your termbases

  • Adding and editing entries
  • Filtering for entries
  • Deleting entries
  • Searching for and handling duplicate entries
  • Exporting and importing options

Part two

Term Extraction

  • Extracting key terms from a source file, to create a project-specific termbase

Online Resources

  • Downloading online terminology resources eg. IATE dictionaries and creating bilingual or multilingual memoQ termbases from these files
  • Downloading and extracting bilingual EU TMs (translation memories) and creating TMs in memoQ from these files

Questions and answers session

NB: There will be several breaks during an onsite course. On online courses, there will be one break halfway through the 2.5 hours’ session.