memoQ level 1

For beginners

Part one

  • Translation technology – The concepts
  • Familiarisation with the memoQ User Interface

Project creation:

  • Creating a TM (translation memory)
  • Adding an existing TM
  • Creating a TB (termbase)
  • Adding an existing TB
  • Adding a document for translation
  • Analysing the project to get statistics on match types and potential benefits from TMs
  • Understanding different match types

Translation in the editor:

  • Saving translations to the TM
  • Adding terms to the TB
  • Adding tags
  • Performing a concordance search (“googling” your TM for partial matches and terms not yet in the TB).
  • Configuring your Spellchecker and performing a spellcheck on your translation
  • Exporting your finished translation out of memoQ.

Part two

Working on your client’s memoQ Server:

  • Check out a project from your client’s memoQ Server
    • Checking the Analysis report
    • Translating in the editor (handling tags, formatting, TM and TB hits)
    • Exporting your translation to two-column format for final proofreading and/or Spellchecking in Word
    • Reimporting your revised translation into your memoQ project, where it gets updated automatically
    • Spellchecking your translation
    • Running a QA check (Quality Assurance) and resolving any errors
    • Delivering your project

Questions and answers session


NB: There will be several breaks during an onsite course. On online courses, there will be one break halfway through the 2.5 hours’ session.