memoQ level 2

For trainees with some experience

Part one

Productivity-boosting functionalities:

  • Filtering options in the translation editor
  • Combining or splitting files using Views
  • Using AutoCorrect and AutoPick
  • Working with multiple termbases
  • Working with Non-translatable lists & Auto-translation rules

LiveDocs Corpora:

  • Handling reference files
  • Creating important context information by adding translations to corpora
  • Aligning legacy projects and achieving TM-like results immediately via LiveAlign functionality

Predictive typing:

  • Speeding ahead with your translation via the use of so-called Muses
  • Creating, training and retraining Muses

Review options:

  • Working with bilingual and monolingual reviews
  • Handling tracked changes

Fast online research options:

  • Accessing your preferred online resources from inside memoQ via memoQ WebSearch
  • Configuring existing resources and adding new ones

Project templates

  • Automating project creation to save time and avoid making errors
    • Creating, editing, and applying project templates

Available plugins:

  • Activating TM plugins
  • Configuring and applying terminology plugins
  • Configuring and applying MT (Machine Translation) plugins

Part two

Interoperability: memoQ’s compatibility with file formats from other CAT tools

  • Working with SDL Trados Studio packages
  • Working with WorldServer packages
  • Working with SDLXLIFF files

Questions and answers session

NB: There will be several breaks during an onsite course. On online courses, there will be one break halfway through the 2.5 hours’ session.