memoQ project management level 1

For beginners

Part one

  • Introduction to project management
  • Introduction to the memoQ Server User Interface
  • Introduction to the Resource Console
    • Resources – local and online. Sharing local resources on the server via the Resource Console
  • Introduction to the Server Administrator
    • Setting up users and customers
    • Assigning licenses

Filtering for projects in the Dashboard

  • Filtering options

Project creation

  • Local vs online project
  • Publishing local projects on the server
  • Analyses:
    • Word counts, analysis against TMs and corpora, post-translation analysis, and more
  • Options:
    • Familiarisation with the various options there, including the Miscellaneous area
  • LiveDocs:
    • Alignment: Creating “TMs” on the fly via memoQ’s LiveAlign technology
    • Corpora: Creating libraries for reference files
  • Pre-translate
    • General settings
    • Unedited fuzzy match checks

Launching the project:

  • Starting email notification to project participants
  • Workflow stages
    • Learning about the different workflow stages and how to manage them
  • Version history:
    • Checking different versions of a translation
    • Restoring a translation back to a previous version
    • Checking a segment’s different translation versions via the Row history feature

Part two


  • Benefit from memoQ’s built-in versioning system by reusing approved translations from previously completed projects via the X-translate function.
  • Other option: Apply X-translate to quickly get back on track when your client sends you an updated source file after you have already started their project.

Introduction to templates:

  • Creating, editing, and applying templates

Creating and handling multilingual projects

  • Creating a multilingual project
  • Applying different QA profiles to different languages

Renaming projects and resources

memoQ’s warning lamps and what they indicate

  • Learning about the source text differences memoQ warns about when dealing with 95% matches and above

Questions and answers session

 NB: There will be several breaks during an onsite course. On online courses, there will be one break halfway through the 2.5 hours’ session.