memoQ project management level 2

For trainees with solid experience

Part one

Hidden gems in memoQ

  • Right-clicking on a source file in a project gives you useful information
  • Cleaning up a converted PDF file for tags, exporting it and then reimporting it clean into your project
  • Localising hyperlinks

Find and Replace: Advanced dialogue

Auto-propagate settings

QA: Using a template for checking specific things in isolation

Creating, training, and retraining of Muses

Options / Miscellaneous & Resource Console

  • Comments: How to list all comments via the export bilingual functionality

Reviewing options with tracked changes:

  • Using tracked changes
  • Exporting target files with tracked changes

Monolingual review

  • Importing an edited monolingual file into your project and updating the changes in the project

Part two

Advanced template creation, edit and use

Multilingual Project creation and management

Workflow stages and Version history




Questions and answers session


NB: There will be several breaks during an onsite course. On online courses, there will be one break halfway through the 2.5 hours’ session.