SDL Trados Studio 2019 level 2

For trainees with some experience

Part one

Project Packages: What are they?

  • Opening a project package
    • Displaying and understanding the Analyse Report
    • Select a document for translation
    • Choose between several TM matches
    • Saving your translations in the TM
    • Using terms from the termbase
    • Displaying the whole termbase entry
    • Adding new terms to the termbase during translation
  • Adding tags
    • Interactive tag verification
  • Adding comments
  • Copying source text over to the target text column
  • Filtering for specific text or match types
  • Running a verification check (QA) on the whole document
  • Creating and sending the Return Package
  • Marking the project as complete


Part two

  • Creating a project to translate several files
    • Adding the project details
    • Selecting the project languages
    • Selecting the project files
    • Selecting the translation memories and creating new ones
    • Adding an AutoSuggest dictionary
    • Adding a termbase and creating new ones
    • Automatic project creation
    • Saving the project as a template for future use
    • Displaying the project
  • Project statistics and reports
    • Displaying the statistics
    • Displaying the Pre-translate report
    • Displaying the Analyse report
  • Translating in the editor
    • Filtering for specific segments
    • Global find and replace
  • Changing the segmentation on the fly (splitting and joining segments)
  • Creating AutoText entries on the fly
  • Bilingual review in Microsoft Word
    • Converting SDLXLIFF files to DOCX format
    • Proofreading in Microsoft Word
    • Importing the changes back into SDLXLIFF format in your project
  • Accepting the changes
  • Rejecting the changes
  • Handling comments (creating, editing, and deleting)
  • Monolingual review in Microsoft Word (Retrofit) and automatic update in your Studio project
    • Exporting your target text for delivery to your customer.
    • Updating changes your client has made in the monolingual document
  • Automatic quality assurance check
    • Running the check for the whole document
    • Correcting any errors
  • Finalising the project
    • Exporting the finished target files
    • Marking the project as complete


  • AutoCorrect
  • Inserting special characters
  • Handling scanned pdf files
  • Creating AutoSuggest dictionaries (predictive typing functionality)


Questions and answers session


NB: There will be several breaks during an onsite course. On online courses, there will be one break halfway through the 2.5 hours’ session.